Household Tips & Instructions

Keyless Entry

Unlock by entering your assigned 4-digit code.

Press the Schlage button on top to illuminate the keypad.

Locking the Gate & Door

There are two buttons on the interior of the lock:

  • a lock button on the left (outlined in red in the photo)
  • an unlock button on the right (outlined in green in the photo) disables the outside deadbolt.

During your stay, we recommend the gate and door are set to lock mode. While in lock mode, you are still able to open the door and gate from the inside, but the outside latch will be disabled.

There is no need to push the unlock button to open the door from the inside when leaving the house. If you press the unlock button, the door can be operated from the exterior until you lock it again.

The lock/unlock buttons only control whether or not the outside lever opens the door.

TV, Movie Channels, On-Demand Programming, Voice Remote & DVR

Casa Paloma has the Ultimate TV Package, with 250+ Cable Channels PLUS HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, STARZ and NETFLIX plus thousands of on-demand programming (network series and movies) and a DVR to record your favorite programs. .

The brand new Cox Contour Voice Remot eallows guests to easily find channels, networks and programming, just press and hold the Microphone Icon and "speak" what you want to watch - examples:

  • Search by Network: "NBC", "Disney Channel", "CNN"
  • Search by Genre: "Movies", "Sports", "Baseball", "News", "Kids"
  • Search by Program: "Big Bang Theory", "House of Cards", "This is Us"
  • You can even search for "Game of Thrones" to access all 67 episodes!

There is a comprehensive description of the cable remote inside the printed guestbook in Casa Paloma.

Nest | Heating & Cooling

Casa Paloma is equipped with forced air heating (furnace) and a brand new central air conditioning unit, operated by the new NEST thermostat mounted in the dining room.

Of course, with nice weather year-round, you might be happy to open the windows and let the fresh air cool the house on mild days. Thank you for being energy conscious! 

Additional instructions to change  between heating, cooling to off can be found in the printed guestbook inside Casa Paloma.

Murphy Bed Operation

Flip up the two decorative handles towards the top portion of the Murphy Bed (this unlocks the bed)

  • Pull down on the bed with your hands in the cut-outs
  • Please do not pull on the false drawer handles
  • Mind your fingers when closing the Murphy Bed – it is best to hold onto the cut-out openings (under the flaps)
  • Touch the small metal tab on the headboard / shelf to operate the overhead lights
  • You will find extra pillows and a blanket or comforter in one of the closets or armoire
  • When closing the Murphy Bed, please be sure to flip the handles down to lock the bed in the closed position


  • Please roll the BBQ out a bit, away from the foliage in the courtyard, before use
  • BBQ tools and a cleaning brush are in the cabinet below the grill or in the kitchen drawers near the oven

Please turn the gas valve to the propane tank to the OFF position for the BBQ when not in use.

A spare propane tank can be found in the path behind the master bedroom.

Trash & Recycling

The Trash & Recycling Bins are located in the side yard (behind the fireplace). You can reach the bins through the gate in the courtyard or the front gate. Remember to grab the key (found near the front door) if going through the front gate.

  • Please do not place any plastic bags in the recycling bin
  • OK to Recycle: Glass, Plastic, Paper, Aluminum Cans & Foil, Cans, Newspaper

The owners (Keith & Paula, more likely Keith) will bring the trash and recycling bins to the street Tuesday afternoon for pick-up, and return them behind the gate on Wednesday.

Kitchen: Filtered Water & Ice

There is a filtered water dispenser inside the refrigerator on the left hand side.

The ice maker is inside the freezer.

If the filtered water dispenser or ice maker are not working properly, you'll find a spare water filter in the pantry.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

The outdoor landscape lighting at Casa Paloma is set to stay on for 4-hours after dusk. Please let us know if you would like for us to change the setting to stay on longer, or turn off earlier.

Also, the umbrella in the courtyard has built-in, solar powered LED lighting so that you can dine outside at night with adequate lighting. There is an on/off switch on the pole near the crank to open/close the umbrella.

Courtyard Fountain

While most guests enjoy the sound of the trickling fountain in the courtyard, we have been asked, on occasion, how to turn the fountain off. The fountain is on a timer that runs from 10am till 10pm. 

Contact us to alter the timer or to shut the fountain off.

Beach Gear

Beach Towels can be found in the master bathroom linen closet.

You'll find an Ice Chest in the master walk-in-closet

Additional beach gear can be found in the wooden chest located in the courtyard (outside the master bedroom):

  • Boogie Boards
  • Beach Chairs
  • Umbrella
  • Sand Tarps
  • Beach Toys

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited inside the house.

Smoking is allowed outside in the courtyard, providing guests dispose of their ashes and cigarette butts.

Let us know if there are any smokers in your group and we will provide an ashtray and bags to dispose of butts and ashes. Please dispose of ashes & butts in a plastic bag and place the bag into the outdoor trash bin which is located in the side yard (area behind the fireplace). Please do not dispose of ashes in the kitchen trash bin.

You can access the trash & recycling bin through the courtyard gate (just outside the master bedroom), or through the front gate accessed from the sidewalk. To access the front gate, you will find the key in a small bowl by the front door.

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